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Me? I’m Lauren McMenemy, aka The Content Type, and I’m a writer and editor with more than 20 years’ professional experience.

I specialise in editorially-led content for the B2B sector.

As a senior content strategist, I’ve established and led global content teams and editorial strategies, including setting up content newsrooms for some of the world’s biggest brands.

As a writer, my experience takes the form of journalism and content marketing for a range of industries: health, pharma, financial services, professional services, global business, small business, music and film, marketing communications, and mental health.

As an editor, I aim for engaging, easy to read copy – polishing those words until they shine for the intended audience. I’m no stickler for grammar; I make content based in the real world.

Born in Australia, I have lived in London for a decade-and-a-half, and have worked in-house, in agencies and in the media. I’m based in Sutton, south London, accompanied on my daily mission with my trusty lop-eared bunny Saunders, The Content Type’s unofficial mascot. (Yes, it’s a weird name, but she once had a sister called French and it made more sense then.)

My mission

To help companies grow loyal followings through the power of great stories and purposeful, actionable, business-relevant content.

My philosophy

When was the last time you clicked on an ad banner – on purpose? While other copywriters may specialise in sales-based messaging, I believe customers today are ad-blind, instead focusing on social media feeds or email inboxes – which is why The Content Type helps companies to grow loyal followings through telling great stories and building narratives

A good content marketing programme can build organic followings through shareable, entertaining, useful and educational content creation that customers find while in their natural habitat. It’s about building a relationship with an audience that comes to you, rather than pushing sales messaging at them blindly and hoping they click. I consult with business marketers on how to support growth through creating content, working with both the strategies and plans, and the
content itself, to help get them there.

I truly believe in the power of story to build brand advocacy. Content marketing’s success has caused noise pollution; everybody’s doing it, but most are just pumping out content for the sake of it without thinking about the business objectives and needs. I believe that only by telling business-relevant stories, not just writing content for algorithms, can a business hook its audience, keep them coming back (building engagement), and then convert them to customers and, finally, advocates.

Together we can find and tell your story.


A big believer in the power of community, I’m a member of many professional organisations and subscribe to several outlets to keep myself up to date with the industry.

You will also find me on freelancer booking sites such as YunoJuno and The Dots.