Collaboration spawns thought leadership

One of the great things about being a freelance content and copywriter these days is the collaborative spirit: we are not competitors, we are colleagues who all want to see each other succeed. It’s really been a source of strength for me as I come back into the world of work after an extended sabbatical for health reasons.

And because I’d been away for a few years, I thought I’d been forgotten about. Turns out: nope! The wonderful Alice Hollis asked me to join the first chapter of her new copywriters guild, The Wonderful World of Words. The intent is to help you learn from the sector’s best B2B copywriting professionals. The below is borrowed from the website…

Sharing their skills, knowledge, and real-world experience, they’re here to help you unlock the tried and tested strategies that will boost your brand awareness and build a pipeline, and ensure your marketing campaign hit their objectives. 

Collectively, our wordsmiths are specialists in:

  • Business types: from startup consultancies to major resellers and the giant vendors who reside in Silicon Valley. 
  • Technologies: including cloud, SaaS, data, analytics, AI and machine learning, cyber security, and cultural change. 
  • Industries: healthcare, finance, HR, management consultancy, and marketing agencies (to name a few). 
  • Content type: social media, email marketing, direct marketing, blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, reports, web copy, printed literature. 
  • Domain: PR, journalism, ghostwriting – we even have engineers who have sat in the IT department! 

The fruits of the first roundtable for the B2B technology chapter of the Wonderful World of Words is now ready for your delectation: learn how to create SEO content that actually engages your target reader in this white paper. It’s got insights from some of the best B2B tech writers in the UK!

And there’s more to come. Keep an eye on the website or follow on LinkedIn to be alerted to new thought leadership.