Editing & proofreading

Sometimes you just need an external eye to give your content a once-over. Or sometimes you need someone to really dig in to the content you’ve created to make it sound – well, better. More professional. More modern. Less formal. Whatever. It just needs editing.

There are many different ways this can be achieved, each involving a different level of attention to detail. It’s important to be sure what you’re looking for from an editing job, and ensure you clearly explain this to your editor to make sure your expectations are met.

Here’s a few terms to be aware of, with a short explanation of what they entail. Of course, it could just be that your doc needs “something”; we’d be happy to take a look and make some suggestions.


Getting someone removed from the project to read over it can help to identify things that only make sense to you. We proofread and mark up your document, not just with the basics, but with suggestions for improvement, if you want them. And the marks you get back won’t be old-fashioned proofreading squiggles – they’ll be actionable, understandable suggestions.

Copy editing

If you want one step beyond the proofreading, then we can copy edit for you. This means we make the changes we think are necessary to the document, and supply it back to you as a finished product.


But sometimes you need even more. You’ve had someone else write the words for you, but it’s not worked out great. It’s messy. It doesn’t read well. It didn’t hit the mark. But you don’t want to bother the original writer, or think a different eye may do the trick. We can shine that coal-like prose into a sparkling diamond of engagement.

Not sure at all?

Let us look at the document and assess what’s needed. We can then chat about our ideas, and take it from there.