Driving from traditional ads to content marketing

A while ago, I sat down with Andy Jackson, Community and Content Strategy Manager for iconic British auto brand Jaguar Land Rover, to talk all things content marketing for NewsCred.

JLR is, like many automotive brands, trying to move from a very traditional campaign and sales-based marketing model to a more inclusive, audience-led model: the old switch from push to pull communications.

“Car manufacturers as a whole, we’re very good at advertising – talking to people. We’re not very good at creating that softer, editorial content, which enriches the campaign and above the line activity,” says Jackson. “We’ve been using editorial as a soft-landing into the brand. It might pique someone’s interest, but it’s then taking them through the funnel, nurturing them closer to a vehicle, but not being as in-your-face.”

Jaguar Land Rover’s new content marketing discipline is built around customer-first behaviour; it’s all about how they improve the customer experience and look at behaviours needed to enrich that experience. Content marketing is seen as one area to build and create better relationships not just with customers, but with new prospects too.

Read more about the work JLR is doing by heading to NewsCred’s Insights blog. It’s well worth the visit – even though I’m ever so slightly biased as a former Credder!