Who is The Content Type?

LaurenThe Content Type is founded and led by Lauren McMenemy. She says…

“I’ve written all sorts of things for all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. I’ve always been a storyteller, ever since I can remember. I’m one of the lucky ones who has managed to make her passion into her life’s work.

“A journalist by trade, I have worked in agencies, in-house and in the media over my 20-year career. Early on I was pumping out lots of content fast; over the last decade, though, I’ve been writing for promotional and sales copy, internal communications, event support collateral and loads more for a range of industries. More recently, I’ve been a content strategist, having established and led a global content team for a professional services industry leader, and I’ve been an editorial strategist in the SaaS space. I’ve had to write in so many different ways about so many different things that you may just find me capable, willing and able to handle anything you throw my way.

“I love nothing more than nattering about content, so get in touch. I’m sure I can help sparkle your prose or lead you towards content marketing excellence.”