Bespoke work

No two businesses are the same, just as no two content marketing strategies are exactly the same. Everyone has different needs. We know that, and we respect it. That’s why we don’t offer a set menu of services to choose from. Everything you’ve read in these pages gives an indication of our expertise, and what we’ve done in the past. The reality is: everyone is different. That’s the exciting thing about this amazing industry we work in. That’s when the best stories get told.

One content marketing size does not fit all

While there are general recommendations to be made – thou shalt publish fresh and regular content; thou shalt build an audience of interested prospects; thou shalt treat your employees with respect – the truth of the matter is that what you need from The Content Type will be different to what your colleague would seek.

We learned quickly that a pick-n-mix approach to what we do makes it that much harder to achieve the excellence we demand of ourselves and our work. Yes, we’re happy to provide a rate card and some ballpark figures, but we’d rather tailor something explicitly to your needs, bringing in our partners to help out whenever we need it.

How can your story be told?

We’ve always found that the best work comes from a true partnership. The best results come when two parties truly understand each other, have scoped out the needs fully, and are clear on requirements and goals. But those needs will be different for every business.

Let’s get together over a cuppa and chat about what you want to achieve. We can discuss the dream, that thing that will bring you rewards and accolades – or that will cultivate the right audience at the right time in the right place. And through that discussion, the right level of support will reveal itself. That’s where the magic happens.


Two men making signs for content marketing