Content consultancy

Sometimes it’s not just a one-off bit of support you need. And, let’s face it, if you’re doing this content marketing thing properly – if you’re really, truly serious about it – you’re going to need content written on a pretty regular basis. Regular publishing of high-quality content is what will make the difference between success and a bit of an experiment.

We¬†believe strongly in the power of regular content, and not just because Google says it’s good. The best way to build an audience is to give them something no one else can. To not be afraid to say something meaningful. To be useful, informative, educational. And to do it on a regular basis, because that’s what will keep a reader coming back for more. And if they come back for more, you’re one step closer to a sale. After all, they say consumers engage with 11 pieces of content before making a purchase decision.

Keeping on the “and there’s more” theme: if you have a regular publishing cadence, you will have fresh and exciting content to power your social media channels. Your newsletter becomes more useful – and more likely to be forwarded to others, increasing readership. Your sales team has more content to send to prospects to highlight your expertise. The list really does go on, and on.

Ongoing support to feed your content beast

So if it’s more than just a one-off project you’re looking for, let’s chat about what ongoing support could look like. We work with companies large and small on an ongoing, retainer-based support model. It suits us because we can plan in advance and make sure resourcing is in place – but, more importantly, it suits you because you can make the most of economies of scale, and work with an extension of your team who can really get to know your business.

Support packages could include blog writing and social media monitoring, or monthly calls to plan out your content calendar and troubleshoot with an experienced content expert. Really, they could include anything needed to steer your content strategy and feed the content beast.


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