Content projects

They call it Big Rock content, or Marquee Content. It’s the idea that one flagship piece of content can then be broken down, chunked up, and re-used across multiple formats and channels. These are the big thought leadership pieces that show-off your unique point of view, and that you can also break up to create smaller content pieces. It’s about approach content projects as an ecosystem.

So that e-book we’re working on for you, that big white paper, that massive campaign – well, it’s going to need a little bit of help. And while we’re writers and strategists, that doesn’t mean we can’t help out.

Bring in a little help from our friends

We’ve been around the block, so we know a lot of people. We’ve worked with a lot of agencies and freelancers. We’ve kept a little black book of those we think are exceptional, those that we’d happily work with again and recommend to others.

These big rock content pieces will need some supporting content projects – a film, maybe, or a podcast. Some infographics and shareable content for social media. Maybe some internal communications items to help educate your staff and colleagues on how to make best use of all that content you’re working on. That’s where we can work with you on the strategy, and bring in our partners for the delivery.

Who are our content project partners?

Really, we’re happy to work with anyone you want us to. We’ll take the headache of project management away from you, deal with them on your behalf, and make sure your content projects are pulled off without a hiccough. But, if you want some recommendations, here’s a taster of just some of the names in our book.


Mindplan Productions

We’re sure we don’t need to sell you on the necessity of video content these days. When you take into account the different ways people consume messages, you need to make sure you don’t just have sparkling prose, but short, sharp multimedia to back it up. Mindplan Productions is an award-winning video production company that we love working with because they just get it. They approach video from the storytelling perspective, and can do everything from produce online video or provide a full broadcast channel strategy and programming. Visit their website.

Helen Deverell Communications

Helen was one of the Institute of Internal Communications’ first Top 30 Under 30. She’s an internal communications wunderkind who loves solving engagement problems. We love working with her on the more strategic side of employee communications.  Visit her website.


Julie Nicholls

For a sneak peek at Julie’s amazing work, look no further than our own branding. That’s how much we love working with her. Julie is great at bringing brands to life in both print and pixels. She’s worked for a number of London and regional creative and media agencies on everything from global corporate and consumer brands to small start-ups. She’s creative, enthusiastic, strategic, business-minded, organised, calm under pressure, and most importantly, still loves what she does after more than 20 years. Visit her website.


Carlie Bonavia

Freelance voice artist with 10 years’ broadcast experience and several more in content marketing and PR. She’s confident, authoritative, relaxed, friendly and sassy – excellent for corporate reads, eLearning, explainers, presentations, commercials, podcast interviews. Carlie works with us on podcasts and as a voice of authority. Find her on Soundcloud.


Close up of video camera filming a content project