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Freelance writing, 2012 to present

A selection of work from a variety of sources.

jaguarland-rover-stock_article-1How Jaguar Land Rover is Using Customer-First Content Marketing to Drive Its Business Forward
NewsCred Insights, 2016

If you look at the brand leaders in the content marketing space, you’ll find a lot of household names: Red Bull, GoPro, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike. But you may notice a gaping hole. There are no auto brands. Anywhere. Which is a surprise, given how great car-makers are at marketing. Millions of dollars are splashed seemingly by the minute. Advertisements spark social commentary. And seriously, who’ll ever forget Van Damme’s epic split for Volvo?

Taking on the content marketing mantle for iconic British auto brand Jaguar Land Rover, Andy Jackson knows he’s fighting an uphill battle. Content marketing is just not what his industry does. But Jackson and his team are looking elsewhere for inspiration, and early signs are that this trailblazing may just pay off.

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internal-communications-large_articleThe only way is ethics? An internal communications view
Sequel Group, 2012

“I met with a financial advisor and he said to me ‘Do you want to pay less tax? It’s totally legal.’ I said ‘Yes.’” Even though comedian Jimmy Carr went on to tweet “I now realise I’ve made a terrible error of judgement”, the injury had been done. Jimmy Carr was a damaged brand. His way with the ironic one-liners would not be enough to dig him out of this hole: a hole filled with offshore tax dodging and an outraged Prime Minster declaring him “morally repugnant”.

And it’s that last little bit we’ll hone in on now: morally repugnant. Morals, in the modern media? Surely not! Do communicators have a duty to be moral? And whose morals are they anyway? In these days of superinjunctions protecting philandering footballers and private investigators providing Fleet Street scoops, do we really have a right to ask for internal communicators to be moral, upstanding citizens?

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Business journalism, 2013-2015

A selection of global business articles written for TMF Group during my time as Global Managing Editor.

Russland, Moskau, BasiliuskathedraleDe-offshorization: Russian international business faces its biggest shake up in decades
Ghostwritten for TMF Russia Managing Director Ulyana Holovenko in 2014.

Russian business is certainly facing a challenging time. The Russian Government has sights set on the offshore business of Russian entities and individuals, and when they get their way it may have wide-reaching implications not only for Russian business, but for anyone doing business with Russian partners across the globe. It’s not a new concept, and is something most major economies are facing today: big business uses offshore economies to benefit from tax-efficient strategies and maximise profit. But this, of course, means that major governments are missing out on tax revenue, and they are trying to rectify this.

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tpp-five-years-data-protection-for-biologics-in-us-asia-trade-deal_strict_xxl_articleAt a glance: the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Written with no byline for TMF Group, 2014

Since first mooted in 2010, the TPP has come under fire for what some see as “secretive talks” and its expansive scope. It has also been the subject of information leaks, and the leaked clauses have been somewhat controversial as well as indicating there may be disagreements between the US and negotiating parties on issues such as intellectual property, agricultural subsidies and financial services.

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Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.Why invest in Ireland?
Ghostwritten for TMF Ireland Managing Director Ronan Reilly, 2014

It’s got the talent, a solid track record, favourable tax regimes and the best in technology – and that’s not to mention the strong education system, access to Europe and the ease of doing business. Forbes Magazine even ranks it the best country in the world to do business and it’s the top destination for FDI by average project value based on value for jobs. Yes, Ireland is truly capturing the world’s attention. Some of the world’s biggest companies – from the likes of Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola and Microsoft – and the fastest-growing next generation (AirBnB, SurveyMonkey, Kobo, Dropbox, Etsy) are calling Dublin their European home. A skilled, flexible and adaptable workforce that speaks fluent English and has one of the world’s top higher education achievements adds to the mix to make Ireland an irresistible lure.

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voluntary-vat-registration_articleVAT news round-up
Summary of the day’s movements in global VAT and GST, written for TMF Group, 2015

Talks are underway between Greece and its lenders, the Brussels Group representing the Eurozone, the IMF and the European Central Bank. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s new government has only been in place for three months, but is under heavy pressure at home and abroad to reach an agreement with European and IMF lenders to avert a national bankruptcy. A recent poll showed more than three-quarters of Greeks feel Athens must strike a deal at any cost to stay in the euro. Greece wants an interim deal immediately, hoping this will allow the ECB to ease liquidity restrictions before a 750m euro payment to the IMF falls due on 12 May. Before that, the country also has to repay 200m euros to the IMF by 6 May.

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Sustainability journalism, 2012

A selection of work from The Guardian Sustainable Business network.

coal-miner-china-009_articleResponsible mining: can it work?
Live online discussion and its recap, republished from The Guardian, 2012

Mining doesn’t exactly have a great reputation in the sustainability sphere. By their very nature, the extractive industries go against everything that sustainability practitioners stand for: they remove without replacing and they have major impacts on the local environment, not to mention the impact on the communities around the mines themselves. But on the other hand, we all use things that are ultimately linked to mining – from technology to jewellery to utensils and automobiles, all are made with minerals that have come from the very mines environmentalists campaign against.

In the last few decades, policy-makers have been working to address some of the concerns about mining. Large-scale mining operations must now include environmental impact assessments and mine closure planning by law in most countries, and the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) was formed to act as a catalyst for social and environmental performance improvement in the industry internationally.

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stockholm-cyclists-crossi-015_articleWorld’s healthiest cities
Photo gallery and text, republished from The Guardian, 2012

Every city in the world will claim to have the best facilities for this or for that, but who really are the top cities for health and wellbeing? We put together a top 5 list based on various sustainability and wellbeing measures – and there may be some surprising results.

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Music journalism, 2000-2006

A small selection of work that is available online. I have an extensive print portfolio that I’d be happy to show you over a coffee sometime.


The boy band has all grown up
Interview with Hanson, republished from The Advertiser, 2005

EVERYONE should spend a little time with Hanson if only because it will shatter any preconceived notion of what the band is about.  “I had somebody say to me in an interview recently, `when you guys came out you were so clean cut’,” said Isaac Hanson, 24, former child music star now guitarist in his band of brothers.  “I said, `the drummer was 11 frickin’ years old. What the hell do you expect?  You want the guy to be on coke’?”  So begins the dilemma of the Hansons.

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fleetwood_mac_san_jose_articleThe Mac is back and having a ball
Review of Fleetwood Mac concert, Adelaide Oval, 2004, republished from The Advertiser

They hit at twilight, an extended drumbeat opening into a lone guitar riff; a figure in long flowing gown silhouetted in the dim light. A scarf moved in the gentle breeze, the lights came up, and Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham kicked into harmony. In the words of one of their greatest hits, you can never break the chain – and the 13,000 Fleetwood Mac fans assembled on the hallowed turf at Adelaide Oval were more than thankful for that.

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advertiser160306_articleRoar power
Cover story interview with Australian band Silverchair, republished from The Advertiser, 2006

LET’S get the obvious out of the way: Silverchair never broke up. They told you they weren’t breaking up, but you didn’t believe them. They were simply “on a break” as they pursued other interests for a while. You have to remember, these guys had been in a band together since they were 12 years old. They needed time apart. Now Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou are “excited” about playing music together again. It’s been almost three years since the last national tour. It is time. Just don’t call it a comeback.

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