The remit

IBM Security wanted to highlight the “unsung heroes” of cybersecurity by profiling a selection of its employees around the world. The idea was to both showcase the talent working at the organisation while also acting as a recruitment tool – as well as giving its internal stars a pat on the back.

What I did

Working with the team at Skyword and IBM Security, I interviewed around 20 IBM Security employees in the US, UK and Israel, chatting to them about their work but also their background – most hadn’t planned on a career in cybersecurity, and their experiences made for great stories. The Voices of Security series went live on between August 2018 and February 2019, and

Read the personal stories here.

The results

“The response to Lauren’s writing from her interview subjects was fully positive, and more than one noted that “she made me sound so much cooler than I am!” Beyond her excellent writing, Lauren was a pleasure to work with — always professional, willing to meet tight deadlines, and receptive to feedback. Her work produced some of the best engagement our website has seen.”

Jennifer Tullman-Botzer, Digital Strategist, IBM Security