Social media content

You’ve got great content. It’s really compelling, it’s timely, it’s relevant. It ticks all the right boxes. You’re proud, a bit smug – and rightly so. The problem is… No one knows about it. You haven’t distributed it. Your audience doesn’t know where to find it. Even your social media content isn’t shouting about it.

That’s a problem. Next to the humble newsletter, social media is your biggest opportunity and your best platform for distributing all that great content you’ve been creating. You know what you need to do? Harness the hashtag. Build a community.

And yes, we can help with social campaigns, social guidelines – we can even run your social accounts.

What role does social media content play for you?

Any world-class content marketing strategy must, must, must include a sound distribution strategy. That distribution plan should be front and centre in your content calendar, the days of your newsletters marked out, with the best timing for social posting, too. Your amazing blog posts should be front and centre in social, driving readers to your website and through the sales funnel. Your infographics are highly shareable and can get your brand awareness to great heights. Your campaign messaging needs to run through all channels – including each of your social accounts.

If all this sounds like a nightmare of spreadsheets and complicated thinking, then let’s talk.

What channel is right for you?

It’s easy to think you should be everywhere, to be all things to all people, but a little bit of focus will help you to hone your message. Your target personas don’t use every single new social media channel that pops up, after all – that’s too much for even the most hardened social junkie to keep up with.

You’re a B2B company talking to in-house procurement? You need to be on LinkedIn, and it won’t hurt to be on Twitter, either.

You’re a consumer brand or a local health clinic that needs to drive awareness and user engagement? Facebook is your most likely option.

And let’s face it, if you’re talking to pensioners, it’s unlikely you’ll need Snapchat.

Channels form just some of the strategising you should be doing before embarking on social media content. How else can we help you?