Storytelling & writing

Ahhh… let’s go back to where it all began. Ever since we were little kids, we’ve been telling stories. We caught the narrative bug pretty early, and were desperate to figure out how to do this storytelling thing forever, for a living, when we were all grown up and in The Real World.

We’ve ventured into newspaper journalism, music reporting, reviewing and critiques. We’ve been in agencies, tapping out copy for all sorts of bits of advertising and marketing. We’ve helmed publications. We’ve been communicators, both for internal and external audiences. We’ve set up content strategies and content marketing teams and run blogs and social channels and… phew! We need a breath. The short story is: we know narratives, we know how to tell stories. It’s what comes naturally.

How do we do this storytelling thing?

The possibilities are only limited by available formats and resourcing. But we’ll bite: let us count the ways…

Content marketing

More than a buzzword, content marketing is where every brand should be headed. Your audience has ad blindness; reel them in with engaging content and build a loyal audience that keeps coming back. With me, of course.


Sales collateral, marketing campaigns, social posts, blogs, press releases – if it needs words, I can put them on a page in a logical (and engaging) order and make people click.

Copy editing

You’ve had someone else write the words for you, but it’s not worked out great? Let me shine that coal-like prose into a sparkling diamond of engagement.


Straight-up, old school journalism 101. Interviewing for page or broadcast. I have a conversational tone that puts subjects at ease.


I don’t need a byline; I’m happy to give it to your CEO.

Want to see our style?

There’s a few samples of work – old and new and somewhere in between; stuff we could share (there’s plenty we couldn’t due to NDAs) – available in the portfolio. Alternatively check out Lauren’s Skyword contributor profile for a constantly-updated sample list.