The remit

Skyword’s digital publication, The Content Standard, needed a contributor with a strong understanding of content strategy and brand journalism who could write from a global perspective.

What I did

After an exploratory call with the team to make sure we were a good fit for each other, I started pitching articles every month, writing between two and three articles each month on topics covering the wider marketing and content landscape. I’ve been a regular contributor since July 2017; you can read my work on the Content Standard site.

The results

“Lauren has the drive of an old-school journalist, the brain for business of a brand strategist, and the wit and soul of a bestselling novelist. Her writing is focused, well-researched, and brimming over with personality. Lauren not only delivers amazing content, she actively throws herself into the planning, interviewing, and distribution of every piece to make sure it reaches its maximum potential.”

Paige Breaux, (former) Managing Editor, The Content Standard, Skyword