The remit

Tech startup Happeo wanted a trusted writer to create long-form content with the aim of improving SEO ranking for particular terms as well as providing customer-facing articles.

What I did

I wrote quite possibly the longest piece of content I’ve ever worked on for a client! The initial engagement was for a 10,000 word long-form pillar piece on how the G Suite can support internal communications, plus 15 cluster pieces (around 1000-1500 words each) to drive traffic to the pillar piece. The project was so successful, Happeo asked me to follow-up with a similar remit for the more general search term of “internal communications”; the resulting work was shared far and wide in the IC community, driving huge volumes of traffic to their website. 

The results

“Lauren is one of the best writers I’ve ever known. She took the brief, some healthy journalistic investigation and made use of her personal network of influencers to come up with more than 30,000 words of content that upped the quality of our SEO-content, keyword rankings and online presence.”

Jonathan Davies, Content Marketer, Happeo